Penny Perrick, Sunday Times

Extremely well written. Intriguing and highly readable.

Jacqueline Korn

Intricately arranged. Good and varied cast of characters. Suspenseful. lt is very well written.

Gillon Aitken

Much impressed by the quality of the writing and its cool style. lntriguing plot.

Gill Coleridge

A joy to read.

Kate Parkin

Excellent writing. A good ear for dialogue.

Clare Alexander

A talented piece of writing. Hugely enjoyable. A remarkable writer.

Nick Sayers

Kenneth McKay has developed the plot with the right tension and pace. Wonderful writing

Jonny Geller

Kenneth McKay writes well. The Master and the Messenger is absorbing.

Jennifer Kavanagh

A strong thread of empathy runs throughout and captivates the reader.